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Product Specification






Luggage Warranty: Limited 3 year global warranty

Power bank BOND Warranty: Limited 1 year global warranty

Fabric Material: Our hydrophobic fabric uses world’s thinnest modified cross-section nanofibers which is not only extremely durable, liquid and stain resistant but also provides a mottled effect based on a mixture of colors

Zippers: Water repellent YKK.

Lock: TSA 3-digit combination lock with key for worry free travel to the USA

Dimensions: 56 x 23 x 36 cm (Cabin-friendly)

Weight: 4.5 kg

Capacity: 35L




Handles: Dual handle system with a multi-level telescopic handle.

Detachable Power Bank BOND: Equipped with Bluetooth and 2 standard USB port (Charging cable included). Allows BOND to charge two electronic devices simultaneously up to 3.4A. BOND contains an ultra-safe flight-friendly lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 8,000 mAh and it complies with CE and FCC standards

Wheel: The world first and only patented electric generating spinner wheels. Provide a light and smooth rolling experience while providing continuous power to BOND. At a regular walking speed, it can provide power similar to a 1A wall adapter. These wheels are equipped with a suspension system that not only protects the wheels from hard drops but also makes going through rough terrains smoother.

Laptop compartment: A dedicated compartment to protect and organise your digital devices like laptop, device and chargers. It can be easily taken out during security check-up.

Flat top working surface: The completely flat top can accommodate your handbags, shopping bags or even beverage. It is a perfect working surface for laptop too.

Unique top compartment: The top compartment is designed for all your on-board essentials like boarding pass, passport, name card, wallets, smart phones, pen, sunglasses, etc.

Front pocket with magnetic door: Travelers can easily reach their books or magazine via the magnetic door located at the front (without unlocking the main compartment).

Smart garment bag: No more wrinkled suits on the road. Fold it over, button-up, fasten it and ready to go.

Travel toiletry bag: With plenty of pockets and with stow-away swivel hook for hanging.

Foldable suitcase cover: Made with water-resistant fabric for added protection from water and dust.






Operation System : Available on iOS and Android

Battery and signal dashboard: View your battery status of BOND (smart power bank). As well as keep track of signal strength between your phone and BOND.

Movement notifier: When this feature is turned on, you will receive a notification if your luggage has moved. Useful for avoiding theft when you want to take a nap on the train!

Back in range notifier: When this feature is turned on, you will receive a notification when your luggage comes back within connection range. This is useful when you’re waiting for your luggage coming back from the baggage carousel in certain airports.

Last location log: Keeps track of when and where you and your luggage were last connected.

Exchange Rates: Provides you the latest and most updated exchange rates when you visit a new country.