What is kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is about harvesting the power of motion. It can be moving, walking, running, pushing, pulling, cycling, dancing, whatever action you can think of. Imagine your walk to work this morning, and your every step is captured to power your phone? Or an attachment to your car;  the power generated during your daily drive can power your TV at home? What about a gym that is fully powered by the power generated from people who run on the treadmill?

What we offer?

With our advanced technology, ROLLOGO creates solution to turn kinetic energy into electricity. With the "kinetic battery", anything can be turned into a IoT product as the electricity can power additional functions of your product. We made our first product ESCAPE to illustrate our concept. The power generated with the wheels can then be stored in the power bank and charge your devices while on the move. A GPS system is powered by the generated power so that your luggage can be always located and traced.

If you are looking for these...

- A long-lasting, off-grid and fuss free power solution with minimal handling
- IoT solution with functions like GPS, RFID, path tracing, data collecting, asset management, send and receive signal system, etc
- Green energy solution
- Any product idea that requires energy but prefer not with battery

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